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Appropriate Place Having Family Vacation

End of the year become precious time for many people. Usually they have plan for end-year holidays. Various preparations are made, ranging from the transportation to the lodging. Well, where do you and the family have vacation this year? Wait, the best tourism object is not always in other country. Indonesia has natural resources and even citizens of the world are jealous of it. If you want to travel at a low cost enough, come to the Gili Island.

omah_gili_home1Gili Island can be reached from Pelabuhan Bangsal in Lombok, about an hour from Senggigi. The ship can depart daily to the island of Gili. There are three islands you can visit, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Gili Air is close to Lombok Island. You simply sail for 15 minutes. To visit Gili Meno, you can cross directly from Pelabuhan Bangsal, but you have to wait quite passenger. If you want quick trip, take the ship to Gili Trawangan and stay one night there. In the next morning, you can go to Gili Meno by speedboat.

Activities you can do at all Gili islands are:

• Snorkeling
Gili is famous for the clear seawater. You will be very satisfied snorkeling there. Even you can see turtles are playing on the beach which is quite shallow.
• Diving
Are you not satisfied with the snorkel? You can dive and meet exotic marine animals. For example, the white shark and fish Nemo. Gili underwater world is so fascinating.
• Cycling
You will not find a motor vehicle here since there is customs regulations named awig-awig. So the transport which can be found here is a bike and cidomo. Cycling and walking around the island is a fun activity carried out.
• Seeing local crafts
You can see it in Gili Meno. Most residents make crafts there.

One of the best lodging is in Gili Air. Omah Gili offers exceptional nature concept with building of “Lumbung” and “Joglo”. You do not have to stay in each place visited on the island, due to the current transportation runs smoothly.