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Diving with Exotic See Animal in Gili

Gili Island is famous for its crystal clear sea water and diverse flora and fauna. Various colorful coral reefs form a unique attraction for travelers from various regions in the world. You are not only treated to beautiful natural scenery through snorkeling and diving activities. But you can also dive friends exotic marine animals such as turtles and white sharks. No wonder if the name of Turtle Island is suitable on Gili. Marine animals are able to survive around Gili even appeared not far from the coast, due to natural conditions are still virgin.

sharkFor you who like to snorkel certainly will be very fond of water attractions in Gili. There are some interesting diving points that you can try. First, Turtle Point on the island of Gili Meno, is the best place to see sea turtles. Do not worry about the tools that are rented snorkel around the beach, all of which are clean guaranteed. The second spot is located on the island of Gili Trawangan, Dinding Meno precisely. At a depth of 18-20 meters, you can see the white sharks, turtles and manta rays. Alloy blue coral and exotic animals is sure to make you amazed.

The natural charm of the tropical island of Gili is not limited to any sea creatures. Explore the Wreck Point, located about 500 meters from the beach Mentigi. At a depth of 43 meters, you will find the remains of sunken ship filled with boulders. Vehicles such as motorcycles and cars are banned from operating in the Gili Island, so for those of you who want to get around the island could use a bike. There is a unique way to enjoy nature Gili, with take cidomo or wagon. You just have to sit on top and see the panoramic view of nature. Motorboat prepared there for you who want to get around to the other three Gili Islands.

Make sure you make a reservation before the full venue. The most crowded holiday season is from June to August. Therefore it is advisable to reserve 4 months before. Prepare more funds because you may need it to rent diving equipment, diving instructor and also when you walk in the culinary center.