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How Ease You Find Accommodation in Gili

Lodging and meals are the biggest budget when you are traveling. Travel costs may be very low; even you can choose land or air transportation. If you want the cheap one, just take land transportation by bus or car, but you have a very high level of fatigue and a long time. If you want the quick one, take it by plane, but the consequences are the high cost. Well, after arriving at the destination, your financial will be really tested, when you are not too smart to find a gap in being economical.

joglo_geladak3Marine tourism on the island of Gili include the list of the cheapest tours in Southeast Asia. The total of cost does not up to of USD 300, but you have been in Lombok. The nearby island of Lombok is Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. So, Gili consists of a series of three small islands that are lined up but separated by the sea. All the islands offer views magnificent. You will find the sea water in blue turquoise and blue sea. What a stunning scenery. Wrapping in white sand, the beach seems to be the most beautiful nature painting.

For a traveler, tourist traveling without great expense is preferred than booking a hotel via online. Moreover, students, wallet sought still contains a lot when home. There are some tips that can be done for a super-efficient style traveler:

• Travelling with the group can reduce the cost of the trip. But you need to pay attention for the difficulties of coordination with many people
• A place to stay with the least expensive on the Gili Island is in rural areas. The other option is acquainted with people and if you are lucky, you can get a cheap place to stay on their home
• Avoid restaurant or café that use the foreign rate, because the price is definitely expensive
• Using a public transportation there (ship, car) will be cheaper

But for those of you who want to complete everything and enjoy a comfortable tour, choose the usual way to book a hotel via online. The price offered is quite diverse, ranging from $ 30 to $ 150.