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Easiest Way to Find Hotel in Gili

Gili Island has been used as a favorite tourist destination, both for a traveler or backpacker. Natural beauty can not be described with one word whatsoever. Blue beach with white sand, pounding waves and ocean color gradation make your eyes be fresh. No wonder if Gili become one of the best tourism objects in Indonesia. You just need to cross the Lombok Island to get to this place. Gili has 3 series of islands, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

omah_gili2Gili Trawangan is the farthest island from Lombok, but also be the greatest among other Gili Islands. You will find a lot of foreign tourists here and the nightlife is so crowded. Gili Trawangan is often to be the place of party and always visited by tourists who may be located in other Gili islands. Dominated by foreign tourists, you can find many international hotels and cafés. Gili Trawangan is the only island that has the Irish Bar.

Although the nightlife is so crowded, you still can enjoy the tranquility of nature presented by Gili Trawangan. With a sprinkling of white and gentle sand on the coast, you can freely sunbathe comfortably. In the southeastern part of the island, you can come across the beautiful beach with the dominant blue color of the sky and sea. It is suitable for those of you who want to relax the body. Although in all parts of the island there is the same view, but the sand on the west coast is more rugged than the eastern coast.

It is better for you to plan a vacation well. Look for many information as possible about the transportation and lodging in Gili. In general, all the places in the three Gili islands provide the hotel with a variety of prices. If you want to reduce the costs, stay in the hotel in the inland of the island. The price offered is guaranteed to be cheaper than hotels in the uptown.