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Exploring the Paradise Island in Gili

Islands in the eastern Indonesia are still famous as virgin and have not a lot of big changes as well as in Java. The beach was still maintained its authenticity and offers a natural beauty that is able to bewitch anyone. Gili Island in the northwest of the island of Lombok is used as a top-class tourist destination. Local and foreign tourists call Gili as a paradise Island. Clear blue sea, beautiful coral, white sand and the waves become mandatory sights when you there. Alloy nature painting was real and not just optical illusions. The island is so quiet without the noise of vehicles.

joglo_geladakYou will get surprised to learn the cost of travel to the island of Gili. Based on the report of TripIndexIsland Sun, Gili is the cheapest holiday destination in ASEAN. Traveled day and stay one night only costs $ 250. Much lose with several islands in Singapore and Thailand. Although affordable, Gili Island is not less beautiful with Bali and Lombok. Even, many tourist like this place since it has beautiful scenery.

Many activities can be done here. So for those of you who are not able do snorkeling or diving, take a walk on the shoreline of this tiny island can be a fun activity. While typical air breathing accompanied by the sound of the waves will accompany you. For those of you who like diving, Gili Island does not only offer various types of coral and fish. You can see the white sharks, turtles and manta at some diving point.

It is time to enter Gili into your holiday travel list. Explore Indonesia satisfyingly and enjoy its natural wealth. All this belongs to the people of Indonesia. Moreover, access to Gili is easy. You can use the plane from Bali to Selaparang airport, then take a taxi to the Bangsal port. Your next trip will use public boat or speed boat. It cost to quite low, ranging from $ 1.0 to $ 1.5. There are three Gili Islands here, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. All of them offer the same natural beauty.