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Finding The Best Hotel in Gili

Paradise Island is an appropriate designation pinned to the three Gili Islands near Lombok ‘s. Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno have million charms of natural beauty. Beside called as the paradise island, Gili received designation as a turtle island. You can dive with the turtles freely. Moreover, Gili has sea water that is clean and clear. No wonder so many tourists visit this place, either as a long vacation or on a typical day.

joglo_geladak5Many activities can be done here, not just about any water activity. You can cycle around the island, walk to enjoy Gili nature, culinary, see the sunset and enjoy the night there. All tourists agree with being on this island, the level of stress will be reduced. Because there is no activity such as motorcycle and cars in this place. So Gili become a favorite destination tourism object especially for the people of the town that is noisy with the roar of the motor vehicle. Peak nights on Gili is always available every day. Moreover, now many cafés and bungalows scattered throughout the island of Gili.

Although small, Gili has been equipped with complete facilities. There are about 100 places to stay are numerous in the north. The price also varies, ranging from $ 28 to $ 150. Surely the different price will give appropriate facilities. If you are in Gili Air, Omah Gili could be the best recommendation there. Natural atmosphere is still very thick with natural building in “Lumbung” shaped.