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The Hiding Paradise of Indonesia

At the first, hearing the Gili name may seem strange to you. Because of the famous tourism object in Indonesia are Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo Island and some exotic place on the Java. Well… wait a minute, if you are in Lombok, make a time to visit the Gili Island. The nearest island from Lombok is Gili Air. The access of transportation is motorboat from Bangsal Harbor. You just need 15 minutes to arrive in the Gili Island. Close enough, doesn’t it?

home_pic_omah_giliGili Air is not too wide as Gili Trawangan. You will meet many local citizens there because the amount is not same as in the two other Gili Islands. Perhaps because of the access to the Lombok Island, it is closer and easier for everyday mobility. So this place is more suitable as a family tourism object. The beach is not too crowded, but not too quiet. The natural beauty is almost equal to Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. You can satisfy diving by seeing coral and fish clearly. White sand and blue sea is being the main sights here.

Besides traveled nautical, activities that often do here is getting around the island by walking or cycling. You can also taking the time to join with citizens, starting small talk and you can learn the local language. You did not get as much cultural tourism in Lombok, because of the small size of the island. But you can still find the other side of life of its inhabitants. For example is their daily routine. Life with limited electricity, even it is close to the large islands (Lombok). Life in the three Gili islands is free of motor vehicles, as well as electricity.

As a recommendation for a place to stay in Gili Air, there is a hotel that offers a natural concept with a similar building “Lumbung” and “Joglo”, named Omah Gili. One tourist writes a comment such as:

“Location is not far from the beach and main restaurants, was impressed with this but everything else was a bit average. We had breakfast once, and bought in Scallywags for the rest of the time but we did not mind at all. The bottom floor was infested with giant ants roommates creeped us out, we had to put towels to block cracks in doors. Staffs were lovely though. Also was noisy building work going on site. Was expecting a bit more than we got.”