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Special Diving with Turtle in Gili Island

Diving with the funny fishes and coral reefs are super ordinary activities that can be found anywhere. But have you ever imagine diving with turtles? These activities can be found on the Gili Island. The island has a popular name as Turtle Island with many turtle populations. You tourist activities are more diverse in the presence of turtle’s population. So it is not wrong if the children are also suitable traveled to this place.

Resize of IMG_2819There are two types of turtles here, the green turtle and the Hawksbill turtle. You can see the turtles are eating or swimming freely just by snorkeling from the front beach at a depth of 1 meter. But if you want to see a bunch of animals were swimming, there are about 5-15 turtles, doing this activity in a certain diving spot.

There is a fundamental difference of the two types of turtles, there are:

Green Sea Turtle: 

  • Having more mulat face with a short nose.
  • Having larger and more fat body. It can reach a length of 1.5 meters.
  • is shell behind him is beautiful and round. It has a beautiful and clean motif.

 Hawksbill Turtle:

  • Has a rather long face with a sharp nose resembles a beak of an eagle (hawksbill).
  • Has smaller and thinner body, it can be maximum length of 80cm.
  • Hawksbill shell looks dirty and rough and there is leather pointy and sharp beside its body.

There are several things to consider when you want to dive with turtles. Avoid holding and touching. You are only allowed to see him alone. Because turtles susceptible to stress in humans when touched. Due to panic, he could drink sea water can cause death. Not only that, if you do a Night Dive, never flashlight into the eyes of the turtle. He would have thought that the day had morning and will swim towards the light source to take breathe. Keep in mind that the turtles breathe through lungs. He will hold their breath while swimming.