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Travelling To Gili Safely and Comfortable

Gili, a small island in the northwest of Lombok, are not many people know this plac . You can ask some friends or family about Gili. Though the island has become a favorite tourist destination of foreign tourists. Moreover, since Gili be the most affordable tourist attractions in ASEAN. Landscape painting is so perfect and able to enchant anyone who saw it. Some people feel anxious if traveled here. They assume that a cost in Gili will require a lot of money like when you go abroad.

activities7There are three Gili islands in this region, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. The third island has more than 100 places to stay or accommodation spread across the north part of this Island. You can find resorts, hotels and restaurants easily there. Interestingly, some of the hotels on the island are in international scale.

If you are planning to go to Gili, there is one place that is most recommended, Omah Gili. Located in the middle of the island of Gili Air, it offers comfortable place with a friendly price for a traveler. Home design is so unique as the “Lumbung” and ” Joglo “. Visible from the outside, the building is so simple. But once inside, you will be surprised by the luxurious facilities. It offers air conditioning, hot water, fan and everything is secured as clean and fragrant.

Adapted from tripadvisor, there were some comments about Omah Gili. Comments came from tourists from Indonesia with JN_NZ_123 account, he said:

“Fantastic! I stayed here as I was recommended it by a friend. I was really surprised at how large the 2 story room was, really clean with everything we needed in the room already. Outdoor bathroom is really nice. The staff were really friendly and helped us with a lot of questions! Highly recommend to stay here, there seems to be some very overpriced accommodation on the island, paticulary in this popular area but we were very happy with what we got for our money.”